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Gayatri Gamuz

Gayatri was born in Spain in 1966.  In 1989, while still an art student, she travelled for the first time to India.

In 1992 she started to live and work in India. In the first years she travelled widely and stayed for periods in different places like Dharamshala, Varanasi, Vrindavan, Pushkar and Coorg. 

In Kerala, together with her husband, Kochi born writer Ananda Surya, she was in the forefront of the art and cultural movement from the 90’s, a period when the contemporary visual art flourished and Kochi started gaining a place in the art map of the world.  She played a key role and took part in the vibrant social and cultural discourse of Kerala; Mayalokam art collective, Kashi Art Cafe, the five annual Tree Festival’s and in Encounter, 1st contemporary art festival in Kochi.

In 2008 she moved to Thiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu and started to live in her organic farm together with Ananda and their two sons.  The new synergy she encountered in a more reclusive life close to nature at the foot of the sacred mountain of Arunachala created a pronounced shift in her work. In 2017 her art transited from the figurative to the abstract space of silence.

Gayatri’s works, mostly watercolours and oils, draw from the source of  oriental abstraction inspired by eastern philosophy as well as from contemporary western minimalism. Her work is based on the philosophical understanding of ‘Oneness’; the ultimate, indivisible reality which manifests in all things.  In her words:  ‘Through stillness I understand the oneness, and inside this process I paint’. The silence and emptiness in Gayatri’s paintings capturess the eye with a mysterious attraction and embraces  the viewer in  the present moment.


Solo exhibitions


  • ‘Soy papel’, pencil drawings. Stevens Street Gallery, Yandina, Australia.


  • ‘It is a girl’, oils on canvas. Art World, Chennai, India.



  • ‘I am paper’, pencil drawings. Leon Academy, Istanbul.



  • ‘Retrospectiva’, oils on canvas.  Museum Fundación Antonio Pérez, Cuenca, Spain;

  • ‘My name is Gayatri Gamuz’, oils on canvas.  Kashi Art Gallery, Kochi, India.


  • ‘Bodies and Elements’, oils on canvas.  Kashi Art Gallery, Kochi.


  • ‘Of the same matter’, oils on canvas. Kashi Art Gallery, Kochi.


  • ‘In a land without trees’, oils on canvas. Hacienda Gallery, Mumbai.


  • ‘In reverse I tell so you understand me’, oils on Canvas. Lila Gallery, Kochi and Centro Cultural CAM, Orihuela, Spain. 



  • ‘Tenderness in the middle of the rat race’, Paintings, bronze and wood sculptures. Lila Gallery, Mayalokam Art Collective, Kochi;

  •  ‘Tenderness in the middle of the rat race’, acrylic on canvas. Red Wall Gallery, Hobart, Australia; 

  •  ‘Tenderness in the middle of the rat race’, acrylic on canvas and ink on paper. Embassy of India, Berlin;

  •  ‘The other within’, acrylics on canvas. Centro Civico, Besos Mar, Barcelona.



  • ‘Pachamama celebrates 2053’ Installation with writings, terracotta sculptures, found objects, plastic toys, mirrors, flowers, fire, in collaboration with Ananda Surya. Mayalokam Art Collective, Kochi.



  • ‘Running Water’, oils on canvas.   Draavidia Art Gallery, Kochi.



  • ‘Sangha’, oils on wood. Tibetan Community Centre, Dharamshala, India.

Selected group exhibitions


  • ‘Miles de brotes’, curated by Elizabeth Ross. International online Exhibition.


  • ‘Text as Text’ curated by Shubhalaxhmi Shukla, Art and Soul Gallery, Mumbai;

  • ‘Rounding the Square’. Draavidia Gallery, Kochi;

  • ‘Melting Pot’. Gallery Beyond, Mumbai.



  • ‘Melting Pot’.  Serbian Embassy, London. Nehru Centre, London. Kombank Art Hall, Belgrade, Serbia. Sublime Galleria, Bangalore. Kashi Art Gallery, Kochi.



  • ‘Contemporary contingencies’ curated by Kathleen Wyma, OED Gallery, Kochi.



  • ‘Hail’ Museum of Kerala History, Kochi.



  • ‘Small is Big’ curated by Anoop Kamath. Durbar Hall Art Centre, Kochi;

  • ‘The Speaking House’. Durbar Hall Art Centre, Kochi.



  • ‘The Turn of the tide’. Tangerine Art Space, Bangalore.



  • ‘The X Must show’. The Loft at Lower Parel, Mumbai;

  • ‘The Monsoon Chapter 5’ curated by Himanshu Varma, New Delhi;

  • ‘This Location’ curated by Binu Bhaskar & Ananda Surya. Mojo Gallery, Dubai;

  • ‘6 person show’. 1x1 Gallery, Dubai;

  • ‘Coming of Age 18 x 18’. Hacienda Gallery, Mumbai.



  • ‘India Art Summit’ presented by Espace Gallery, New Delhi;

  • ‘Gender Genesis Genetics’. Espace Gallery, New Delhi.



  • ‘Balelatina Hot Art Fair’, Basel, Switzerland, presented by Dukan and Hourdequin Gallery, Marseilles, France;

  • ‘Trends and Trivia an Indian Story’ curated by Bhavna Kakar. Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre, Hong Kong;

  • ‘Millennium Turks Envisaging Contemporary India’ curated by Bhavna Kakar. Trident Hilton Hotel, New Delhi;

  • Garibaldi 200 Years’ curated by Enzo Marino. Museo Storico di Bérgamo, Italy and Salon Dorado de la Intendencia Municipal de Montevideo, Uruguay;



  • ‘Ten Light Years’. Kashi Art Gallery, Kochi;

  • ‘She, India’ curated by Jana Manuelpillai. The Noble Sage Gallery, London;

  • ‘Maya’. Artworld, Chennai;

  • ‘Vanity Fair’ curated by Bhavna Kakar. Mon Art Gallerie, Calcutta;

  • ‘Chronicles of the Unspoken’. Travancore House Gallery, New Delhi;

  • ‘Instilling Life’ curated by Jasmine Shah Varma. Hacienda Gallery, Mumbai;

  • ‘Does Size Matter?’ curated by Bhavna Kakar. Art Konsult, New Delhi;

  • ‘A Slice of Art from India’. RL Fine Arts, New York.



  • ‘Stirring Quartet’. Hacienda Gallery, Mumbai;

  • ‘Inaugural Show’.  Red Wall Gallery, Hobart, Australia;

  • ‘London Biennale’ curated by Jill Rock, Stables Gallery, London.



  • ‘Open Art Project’. Die Bank, Munich.



  • ‘Encounter’, ‘First Contemporary Art Festival”, Kochi.



  • ‘Tree Festival Art Exhibition’. Kashi Art Café, Kochi;

  • ‘Brighton Fringe Festival’. Brighton, U.K.

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