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Negative Space 

at Studio 106

Studio 106' first pop up art gallery of the season on February 9, 2019, from 7 pm - 11 pm. 

Ben Cope, Jeffrey Fountain, and Dirk Mai transformed this boutique production spaces into a trendy showcase of art in Downtown Los Angeles. This show, Negative Space, focus on the creative expressions of three inspiring art photographers: Ben Cope, Brian Ziff, and Larsen Sotelo.

Also, Brian Ziff presents the culmination of 7 years with Ethan Chancer in their short film AMARA. This story follows the pilgrimage of doubt and fear of the unknown in a stark, yet mesmerizing universe.

To enquire about the work:

Ben Cope

Ben Cope transforms portraiture into a series of distressed mixed media pieces just far enough removed from reality that the viewer can appreciate what is while still seeing what once was.

Brian Ziff

Brian Ziff presents selections from his High Risk* series. These works explore a seductive, chaotic dreamscape doused in “High Risk Red.”

Brian Ziff | Negative Space | JM Art Management
Larsen Sotelo

Larsen Sotelo shows a collection of different and provocative 35mm film prints that engage and connect with the views to his stories.   Larsen also features a special collaboration piece with artist, “lefty OUT there” in a breathtaking installation of art through this lens.

faith_mustang | Larsen Sotelo | JM Art Management

Photography: Brandon Shindler

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