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Clone Hearts LA

# NO Famous Guest Appearances 

“The idea for this show first came to me a few years ago when I really began to notice people's self obsession growing on social media.. It seemed to extrapolate this American obsession we already had with fame.

Now EVERYONE could be famous! Or at least fake famous as I refer to it.” 

“Using a satirical but genuine critique,

I've spent the past 6 years exploring celebrity and self- obsession through my renegade street art.

It’s now time to further explore it through an

interactive art exhibition/ showcase.”


Implant evolution
Ware More MakeUp

Titled “No Famous Guest Appearances” (a lyrical reference to rapper Nas’ “Got Ur Self a Gun”), the exhibit explores the interplay of fame and social media, considering society’s obsession with both. Featured work includes mixed-media pieces (concrete on canvas), wood cutouts, freehand and stencil drawings of Thrashbird’s street art on canvas, interactive installation, plus the debut of an interactive augmented reality app that brings Thrashclone to life on any phone.

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