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Popovy Sisters

Extravagant creations of award-winning art-doll designers, twin sisters Elena and Ekaterina Popovy, they portray emotions, feminine beauty, history and surreal reality.

The sisters are fashion designers and doll-makers with a strong sense of the contemporary and an eye for trendsetting. Without the constraints of a real model the fashion can push further than wearables. The focus, though, is on the doll’s form. The faces are often inspired by children, expressive and emotional, emphasizing the atypical such as large ears or teeth gaps. The imperfections make them seem almost human.

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Popovy collections


Popovy Sisters: Holiday Editions with Michael Costello


Popovy Sisters X Ingrid Baars 

Popovy Sisters | Ingrid Baars | JM Art Management

Fine Art Photography 

Popovy X Vernissage

Popovy_Sisters _photography_JM_Art_Management

Art Doll


Fine Art Photography 

Nude Prototype

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