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Collectors favorites: Fauves

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

I am definitely driven by expressionism.

I consider that what provoked and keeps provoking my use of color is my soul

always searching to manifest itself through art and the experience of living.

John Paul Fauves

John Paul Fauves is a 35-year-old artist from Costa Rica. He has been making artworks since he was a child and has not stopped. He uses all kinds of techniques to create his works. He first uses a design tablet to create the ideas then acrylic on canvas with spray paint and Chinese ink. His biggest inspiration is life itself. With so many questions of his own existence art became the answer. His own expressionist vehicle to get to know his own soul. His art is his soul speaking to him. His soul is what drives him it’s a strength that goes beyond his own understanding, he just has to make art. The main goal John Paul has with his art is to express and touch others souls.

Colors give life to anything we see. I like how the use of colors in art can give a radical change to this visual impression.

I like to play with colors, never plan anything; I just start painting to see where it goes.

Never thought of the red and my personality, just know I’m enjoying this life experience.

Essentially, Fauves wants us to question our own humanity as we move further and further away from our childhood innocence. For this, he uses the Disney’s Mickey as a symbol of innocence and seamlessly merge with corrupted icons such as the likes of Marilyn Monroe and James Dean.

John Paul Fauves works will be exhibiting in Los Angeles for the first time on September 21st at HOMME Gallery LA together with some top international artists.

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