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Non-contemporary traditions

Vera Kochubey | JM Art Management
Artist Vera Kochubey

Vera Kochubey is a Russian artist living in Berlin. Kochubey has left her successful journalism career in Moscow and moved to Berlin to establish herself as a visual Artist over six years ago. First being noticed among the most promising painters at BERLINER LISTE 2014, her artistic journey took her to Amsterdam, Budapest, Paris, Los Angeles and of course, Berlin exhibiting her signature large scale paintings, featuring the cyber avant-garde portraits and visionary statements about liberation, feminism, evolving mind, and human consciousness. During her Master studies in Psychoanalysis, she developed her own concept of reality that is breaking the boundaries of what contemporary art should be and the therapeutic priest role of the artist. Learning by doing is her main motto in life, this is why she also started to give public talks and workshops to inspire others and share her experience & practical tools for success.


“Painting is a medium for God to communicate with Humans”

~ Vera Kochubey


Vera Kochubey is highly inspired by the alchemical tradition, Orphism and hermetic studies as well as the Tarot. Being the artist-shaman and the alchemist, she is working with the energies and transformation, symbolism and rituals to enrich the artistic practice with metaphysical essence. Her works impose a new kind of spirituality. Spirituality outside religious and cultural perceptions is a spirituality of one's own self. A self that becomes an element of connection through art with the Universe, through self-knowledge.

Vera Kochubey | JM Art Management

I believe that contemporary Art is a paradox and the Artist is a Magician. The paradox is something that can not be explained, thus if it can be explained, it’s not Art. Contemporary art is ambivalent and can be amazing and disgusting at the same time. It can be shallow and deep, but in the end, it’s always true. When artwork is true, you feel it with your guts. I don’t care if it’s kitsch or sublime painting, but if it’s real, you know it. The Painting is talking to you and telling a story. My paintings tell different stories… a story of wanting to change one's gender, a story of a famous Dj, daddy issues, a tale of the vortex of creation and above all, the mystery of a Pan, all mighty creator… and many more.

Each painting is a character and there is a (sur)real person behind each painted face. With my art, I want to transcend the physical (hyper)reality and show a metaphysical space of dreams, illusions, hallucinations, visions, and phantasies.


JM Art Management

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