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Ollah - Installation Project by Hossam Dirar


El Olla is one of the most important artifacts in Egyptian History. Until ten years ago, everyone used it not only to drink from the Nile but also to preserve and cool Water. Because of the material, it is made of El Olla can be used in keeping the water clean and cold for long periods of time without any problems.

But after time and many advances, the Nile became more and more unsafe to drink. That eventually led to the use El Olla being almost instinct in our Country. Now we all have converted to plastic water bottles, that does not only become dangerous to us after being exposed to the sun for some time but are also expensive and not affordable to all members of our community.

So wouldn’t be best to clean our Nile and restore El Olla instead?

#art #installation #modernart #contemporaryart #HossamDirar #Dirar #jmartmanagement

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