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Reincarnation by Maegan McDowell


Maegan McDowell was born in Auckland, New Zealand in the late eighties. Her biggest influences growing up were her mother’s passion for medieval décor and her father’s fascination with the natural world.

Throughout her teenage years and early 20's she focused on travel and wildlife photography where she explored Africa and became published in UK Magazine "Digital Photographer" with a four page spread. Yet Maegan had other subjects she started to explore.

In 2017 Maegan started studies in floristry, bringing home leftover flowers to create bodies of art that drew inspiration from the Renaissance period, creating a fine art collection which turned into her first solo exhibition "The Rebirth of Flowers".


A decade ago she had also turned her lens towards fashion and beauty, and today she fine tunes this passion with her new project ART MEETS FASHION Series focusing on 16th-18th century styled portraiture reminiscent to aristocratic paintings with a modern twist.

In 2018, Maegan created beautiful series of photographs inspired by Popovy Sisters dolls, where she turned models into Live Dolls.



"My latest shoot within this project was heavily inspired by the one of a kind dolls from Russia named the Popovy Sisters.

I have been following them for a few years, completely in awe of their creations and dedication to detail in the craft of making hyperreal porcelain dolls. Not just the dolls themselves but the personality that comes across on their expressive faces, their makeup and haute couture fashion designs. It’s everything I love all in one package - elements of fantasy, fashion, beauty and femininity - and it’s been a motivation for me to create what I want and allowing me to see how far you can push to bring something beautiful into the world.


So after always having felt a creative impulsive after looking through their images online from the other side of the world, I was finally in the right team to create a shoot based on their incredible handmade wigs, another aspect to admire in their designs. ‘Reincarnation’ was born, with a full day shoot in studio dedicated to showcasing two hair designs and paying homage to the Popovy Sisters."

A huge thanks to my team here in Auckland, New Zealand for helping me bring to life this shoot and tilting my hat to the girls in Russia in admiration.

Hair Design by Kelly Manu

Makeup by Liv King

Model thanks to Olivia Walker at Unique Model Management

Clothing Stylist Kiri Donaldson

Photography by Maegan McDowell

For more information please contact:

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