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TWIN act - behind the scenes with Popovy Sisters

Popovy Sisters transformed their love for art and fashion into a special thematic kind of art. Together, it has given them freedom to express contemporary and cosmopolitan vision of beauty.

Sisters believe that its their mission to tell viewer a story, and each time it should be a new one allowing to dream and escape into a world of unfettered imagination. Inspired by history and nature, Popovy TWINS always try to transcend the humdrum and commonplace.



Elena and Ekaterina Popovy uniquely use their background in sculpting, painting and skill in Fashion Design, creating their fantasies it is a miniature reality.

Every character, standing around 17 inches tall, exudes a haunting reality with her own name and background. Using a range of materials, from clay and porcelain to exotic feathers and lace, the artistic designers create costumes to build dramatic individual personalities that sink deep into femininity and beauty. An Egyptian warrior, an African hunter, an oriental courtesan, all have a story to tell or secret to share and not one doll fails to captivate and enchant.


Creative process


Outfit creation


Wig creation


Fine Art Photography


Video Art

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