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r ckm nd

"I have always been interested in psychology, in theories of the id and the ego, notions of instinct versus rationale and restraint. Through painting, I strive to express that duality, the tension between the primal, animal self and the complexities of civilization. My work as such is largely about fragments of memory, lingering emotions, the fleeting joy and long-buried traumas which ultimately make us human. 


Stylistically, I find in artistic formalism a metaphor for society's structures and constraints. Abstract expression conversely serves as particularly effective means of evoking the subconscious. My process, then, is to prepare for a new work or series by initially devising a set of rules for composition, shape, line, and texture, after which the act of painting is largely spontaneous, like improvisation within the framework of a jazz standard. The success by which I measure the work hinges on my ability to walk that line between control and abandon in a compelling 

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