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Shawn Kolodny

Emerging with a highly sought after, provocative series of the year Shawn Kolodny's gives you something to talk about. Drawing from a life spent amongst substance, addiction, and materialism, as the owner and operator of New York City’s most prominent nightclubs, he has been both the observer and the subject. For Kolodny, addiction is a pathological relationship in which things replace the self.

Kolodny’s work confronts the infinite cycle of fake fulfillment shaped by modern society’s addiction to ego, using the most sought-after brands and the most addictive drugs as a visual medium.

Shawn Kolodny (born 1971) is an American artist, living and working in Manhattan, New York, and Miami, Florida. Kolodny received his Bachelor of Industrial Design from Syracuse University in 1994 and his MBA from Stern School of Business in 2010.




  • Buzz Art Auction / Miami 

  • Oliver Cole Gallery at Art Wynwood 2018 / Miami, FL Feb 15-19;

  • Imitate Modern Gallery Showcase / London, UK March 2018;

  • Fake Fulfillment Center at Art Palm Beach / Next Level Fairs, Jan 17-21;

  • Mood Swings at Art Palm Beach 2018 / Marcel Katz, Jan 17-21.


  • Fake Fulfillment Center at Art Basel Miami Beach 2017 / Shawn Kolodny, Dec 5-10, 2017;

  • Mood Swings at Oliver Cole Miami Art Week 2017 / Marcel Katz, Dec 4-10;

  • Coya Artist in Resident Exhibition , Miami FL / 2017.


  • "Artfall" Group Exhibition in Sergio Mannino Studio, New York, NY;

  • "Formula" Solo Exhibition in Capri Southhampton, New York, NY;

  • Artist in Resident and Solo Exhibition Wynwood Arcade, Miami, FL;

  • "Work In Progress" - Curated by Roger Gatsman Los Angeles, CA. 


  • House Of Madness | The 23rd Annual Watermill Center Summer Benefit & Auction, New York;

  • Project Paz, New York;

  • Artwalk NY - Coalition for the homeless, New York;

  • Scope Art Show, Miami. 


  • Fendi Store Pre Show, New York;

  • ArtWalk NY.

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