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Indian Autumn 1 - color

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Indian Autumn 1 - color


Indian Autumn 1 - color

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Indian Autumn 1

Lukas Dvorak is a Czech photographer born in Prague in 1982. His preference goes to black and white photography, which he compliments with obvious talent. His photographs are characterized by intense emotions, sensuality and erotic tension. The choice of location is as important for him as the choice of model. With him, the blacks and whites are more charismatic than the images themselves, they are his best narrators. With Lukas, no studio work. In his creations, the surrounding nature is the best source of contrast and inspiration. Nothing can clothe better than nature, and that is why the female body should also be revealed in that way: without any pretence, as a reference to the myth of the original woman; like a return to the birth of Venus. Lukas has been published in several fashion magazines, such as Harper's Bazaar, Women and Vanity Fair.

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