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Beauty of France

This young and talented artist was born and raised in Macon and started painting at a very young age.

As a teenager, he mimicked the effects of the patina, marks, damage and wear and tear that he observed on the facades of buildings. Damaged walls and ruins fascinated him and became the source of his inspiration.

He studied at the MéRers d'Art in Paris in graphic design and décor, where he learned and refined his technique, in particular, that of trompe l'oeil.

The Pop Art(20th century)& Street Art(contemporary)movements inspire him. He prefers techniques such as graffiti & stencils that are brightly and slightly unreal. Gradually he has developed his own style: incisive & powerful graphics.

He paints poetic faces on abstract backgrounds. He works the background with gradients effects and patinas, like the surface of an old wall. He uses a coating that he shapes scratches and scrapes until he gets the desired effect. He then applies bright, fluorescent colors layer by layer. Unpredictable, they seep into the background and cracks of the canvas. He then outlines the shadow of a woman's face, anonymous and fragile. Drawn in pencil first and then with black paint, it is superimposed on the landscape. The design and color combine to create a portrait with a strong presence and a penetrating gaze.

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