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JM Art Management is an boutique Los Angeles based agency representing some of the world's leading established and emerging contemporary artists.

While working with galleries and arts organizations in Los Angeles and throughout the world,  our main aim is to promote contemporary art and introduce the Artist to the global art market.

We provide strategic career management, professional guidance, brand management, and consultancy to visual artists at all stages in their career, as well as support, and encourage their artistic development. 

At JM Art Management we work closely with many international publications, various brands, and charity organizations.  

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"I have spent all my life surrounded by Art.

It is my passion, I worship beauty and creativity, 

and I live to share my discoveries with others by showing the work of

Established & Emerging Artists to the World."

~  Julia Mozheyko 



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Julia Mozheyko - JM Art Management
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Meet the Founder

Julia Mozheyko is a Russian-American talent manager, art director, curator, and businesswoman. In 2016 she founded JM Art Management, a boutique LA-based artist management firm. She manages careers of visual artists such as John Paul Fauves, Popovy Sisters, Hossam Dirar.

Julia was born in Russia but relocated with her family to Cairo, Egypt at the age of nine, where she was raised. Since a young age, she was trained to dance, art, music, and was given an international education, eventually graduating from the Russian Diplomatic School in the Arab Republic of Egypt. After graduating from high school, Julia earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management from Novosibirsk State University.

Julia began her professional career with Sherry Haute Couture, an Egyptian- American fashion firm based in Guangzhou, China. While with Sherry, she was intimately involved with the organization and management of numerous fashion shows and events such as Hong Kong Fashion week, Canton Fair, Cairo Fashion Week, CPM Moscow and much more. After spending several years in China, she moved back to Cairo and was offered the position as a marketing executive for ITC group, one of Egypt’s biggest hospitality corporations. While at ITC, she earned an associate degree in marketing from the RITI Institute. After graduating from RITI she was promoted to the position of senior marketing executive, and the brand manager of Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Egypt. Impressively, she became the youngest female brand manager in the Middle East. 

Due to career success, she was transitioned to Los Angeles and put in charge of ITC’s American expansion effort. While political unrest in Egypt delayed ITC’s expansion plans, she was still able to continue her success and launched the first Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Tbilisi, Georgia in 2015.

Right after finishing the project in Georgia, she left brand management and the corporate world and turned her passion for art into a full-time business. 

In 2016 she changed career setting up the JM Art Management company, whose clients include John Paul Fauves, Popovy Sisters, Hossam Dirar, thrashbird, and many others. 

She uses her knowledge in business to help the artist in today's'  international market find success in branding and globalization. 

Throughout her career, Julia’ strategic and collaborative approach has helped build and grow careers of many artists.

Through the beauty of art, she promotes culture, education and women empowerment. 

Along with industry recognition, her work has been covered by various media outlets such as HYPEBEAST, Voyage LA, Colossal, Ignant, Schon, Vogue, Flaunt, HuffPost, Wide Walls, Basic, Scoop Empire, and many other international publications.

Our Partners & Friends 

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