Ben Cope + Rowan Daly | Off the Grid

Off the Grid is the culmination of a six-year photographic journey through Baja, Mexico. Ben Cope and Rowan Daly began their travels in 2014, working their way through the towns of la Salinas, Baja Mar, and Cantamar, down through Ensanada and la Bufadora. 


Private opening night of STUDIO 8558.

The exhibition features the artworks of diverse celebrated artists - John Paul Fauves and Chad Muska.

"Alts iz farloyrn" (all is lost) - John Paul Fauves' first solo exhibition in Los Angeles, CA. 


Exclusive fashion collaboration FAUVES x LIMITATO. There are few things that grab hold of us like art. It awakens our imagination and creativity, it feeds our ability to innovate and change. Art make us ignore differences, reach out and connect across barriers and engage honestly in ways only deeply social experiences can do.


"NEGATIVE SPACE", a group pop up exhibition featuring photography of Ben Cope, Brian Ziff, and Larsen Sotelo, together with works by Ethan Chancer and Esteban Joseph.

LA Art Show 2019


JM Art Management at LA Art Show 2019 in collaboration with BASIC magazine, John Paul Fauves, and Popovy Sisters.

VOLLIPSIS by Alina Karo - NYC

JM Art Management is pleased to invite you to the opening reception of VOLLIPSIS, a solo exhibition by Alina Karo

Inspired by one of a kind androgyne Russian model Danila Polyakov and curated by Etienne Russo.

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