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Alex Sher

Alex Sher is a Los Angeles based fine art photographer, originally from Ukraine where he was born in 1962. He graduated at Kiev State University in 1984 with a major in medical biology and, in 1986, volunteered at Chernobyl nuclear station after the disaster providing medical help to the victims in 1986. He got his Post graduate in molecular oncology in 1987-1990 at Novosibirsk, Russia, and worked at Kiev State University as a researcher. In 1990, he started part time programming in 1990 and worked as a programmer from 1991 to 1995, when he moved to USA and started working as a programmer, starting his own IT company in 2000. Definitely an adventurous and various life. Alex started diving in 2010 and quit his IT carrier in 2013 to pursue his passions of scuba diving and photography. Alex captured breathtaking underwater images in his worldly explorations recognizing him as a prolific adventure photographer. He transitioned into the rare art form of underwater fine art photography, which instantly heralded him to worldwide recognition. In 2015, his photo was presented at the Louvre in Paris. His recent works may also be found in several books including Best of Photography 2016. Last but not the least, his exhibit of “California Mermaids” at the Lurie Gallery got an amazing deserved success.

Once upon a time, when wheels were made of stone and phones took no photos, lived my grandma.  I loved my grandma and loved her stories about people and places she photographed.  There was one story about a photographer.  There was no name, just a legend about a guy who could make any woman look beautiful with his camera.  I envied the guy.  I wanted to be like him.  I wanted my grandma to say that about me some day. 

A lot of time has passed.  I've traveled around the world, changed jobs and cameras, taken pictures of unbelievable people, places, and things.  But through all the life’s journeys, the pursuit of beauty through my lens has remained constant.  I am up to the challenge.  

I want to hear some day: “He can make anything look beautiful 

with his camera”.

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