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Alina Karo

Fine art photography by Alina Karo feels like a direct protest to the world of modern beauty.  Her photos hold same elegant poses of the fashion photography, but with the grotesque, with the anti-sexual & stunning disregard for what is expected. 

Alina Karo started her professional career as a photographer in 2004. She was documenting different gigs and worked as a photographer’s assistant to consolidate her skills and maximize her potential. Her eyes wide open and full of wonder, she is able to catch the most astute angles of beauty and amazement, while as of late highlighting the state of affairs and denudation of the environment.
In 2006, she was hired as a photographer for model agencies (Paris, London, New-York and Moscow).
A year later, she had the chance to work with worldwide renowned fashion magazines like Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Interview, L’Officiel, SNC, Numero, Collezioni, Elle, Marie-Claire and many others.
In 2008, she was inspired by her meeting with the legendary photographer Peter Lindberg, whose portrait she made for SNC magazine, she decided to travel to Paris and New York where she continued her fashion photography experience.
Throughout the last couple of years, it dawned on her she should dedicate a lot of time to travelling, to open her creativity further. It is with gratitude to these encounters and meetings that she is now focusing on shooting her personal projects, turning her attention from the commercial fashion industry towards the artistic independent work.

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