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Personifying Basquiat’s work is like capturing lightning in a bottle. With his wild imagination and paintbrushes, Giuliano Bekor merges individually crafted shots to construct the anatomy of each picture through his prism. He layers iconic aspects with amplified tones. Transforming paintings into living portraits.

Select portrayals are then cast on the undulating human form, helping to emancipate their depth and curvature, and vitality. Capturing form and textures on the body and beyond, life abounds in Bekor's projections as they conform to the physique, radiating these complex alterations of Basquiat’s images. Feelings deepen as your vision calibrates to the narrative unfolding in each breathing photograph, enlivening the portrait uniquely envisaged by Bekor. This evergreen aesthetic reveres Basquiat by challenging your perception of what is seen and unseen.

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