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California Fire Foundation

We are honored to be part of the California Fire Foundation 5th Annual Gala. For five years THRASHBIRD has donated art to this wonderful charity. Hosted by Superstore’s Lauren Ash, the event will benefit the California Fire Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization which aids fallen firefighter families, firefighters and the communities they protect.

Formed in 1987 by California Professional Firefighters, the California Fire Foundation’s mandate includes an array of survivor and victim assistance projects and community initiatives:

  • California Firefighters Memorial;

  • Firefighters and Their Families;

  • Victim Assistance;

  • Community Improvement.


Follow the link to learn more about California Fire Foundation:

At Fire Foundation Gala, many supporters, celebrities, artists and members of the proud profession come together to celebrate the uncommon courage that the men and women of the fire service are called upon to demonstrate.


Supporting artists: 

Anthony Ausgang,  Ron English

Van ArnoRiskDarcy YatesBirdman

Brett CrawfordGeoff MelvilleCRYPTIK

Mear OneBeau Roulette

Michael “Cookie” CookMikael B., 

Steve MartinezSugar FueledCarly Ealey

Chris KoneckiHuemanJeff FrostPersue

Victor CastilloWyatt Mills

McKenzie FiskThrashbirdKen Flewellyn

Sonny BoyBumblebeeSel and Leba.

thrashbird and Julia Mozheyko JM art management
Lou Paulson

Lou Paulson

President, California Professional Firefighters 

President, California Professional Firefighters

Lou Paulson is President of California Professional Firefighters (CPF), representing more than 30,000 front line first responders statewide. As President of the state’s largest and most recognized firefighter organization, Lou has helped build the profession even as he has worked to protect its members.

He currently serves on numerous state and national boards and committees, including the State Board of Fire Services and the Executive Board of the California Federation of Labor. 

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