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Carlos Delgado

Carlos Delgado is a Colombian artist with international recognition living between Colombia and Canada. His works explore a multitude of expressions and ranges of human interaction with the environment, with each other, and with the societal system. Focusing on capturing the subtleties of the tension of daily routine and a deeper human expression, his work becomes not only a social commentary but also a societal reflection of how we create the world around us and our role within it.

Carlos has been a winner of several art awards from the Toronto Arts Foundation, Toronto Arts Council, and Canada Arts Council, as well as a former artist in residence at Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery in Toronto. His work has been shown in group and solo shows in Canada, Colombia, Sweden, France, and Russia and collected by private collectors in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and the Middle East.


The main subject in Carlos Delgado’s paintings is not the visual surface, instead, the characteristic portraits reflect what is underneath the mask that we all wear in public. We all put up a facade towards the environment around us, the people we meet, and our feelings. But every once in a while, we let out a glimpse of what is laying underneath, be it when we avoid eye contact with someone on the streets or when we experience unexpected and sudden joy by the beauty of nature. This is what Carlos Delgado’s artistry is all about.

The artworks are created with rapid speed to mimic those fleeting moments of revelation. He doesn't stop to think or evaluate how to best portray a specific feeling or expression – he fearlessly steps into the emotion and uses all his experience and talent as an artist to illustrate it onto the canvas.

For Carlos Delgado, a portrait is never of one person, they are about all of us. The common feelings and experiences we share. He sees a world where humanity shares one planet but is not joined in commonality. Exploring and expressing how we can be more open, truer, and more vulnerable to one another, by reminding us that we are all related in our emotions and experiences, is the foundation of his artistry.

Selected exhibitions


  • “Evolution en deux” Duo show, Gallery Cox, Bordeaux, France;

  • “Evolution” Lohme Galleri, Malmo, Sweden;

  • “Faces” Westland Gallery, London, Canada;


  • “Changing Faces” Emily Harding Gallery, Toronto;

  • “Solo Exhibition”, Casagraumuseo, Bogota, Colombia;

  • “Abondano y Soledad” public installation, Encuentro de la Palabra, Riosucio, Colombia;


  • "Being Human in the System" Gallery Carlos Drew Castro, Pereira, Colombia.

Group exhibitions


  • Art Life Art Fair, Moscow, Russia;

  • “Portrait de Femme”, Cox Gallery, France;

  • The Artist Project, Toronto;


  • The Artist Project, Toronto;


  • Lohme Gallery, Malmo, Sweden;

  • Zona L Galleria, Bogota, Colombia;

  • Affordable Art Fair, Stockholm, Sweden;


  • Bartlett Gallery, Alton;

  • Walnut Contemporary Art Gallery, Toronto;

  • The Artist Project, Toronto;


  • Walnut Contemporary Art Gallery, Toronto;

  • Hashtag Gallery, Toronto;


  • Goodfellas Gallery, Toronto;


  • Bata Show Museum, Toronto;

  • AWOL Gallery, Toronto;

  • Blue Bird Studios, Hamilton;

  • Etobicoke Civic Centre Art Gallery, Toronto.

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