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Clone Hearts LA


augmented reality

Thrashbird, is a Los Angeles-based street artist, he is known for putting his work in urban areas where his message can reach a large target audience. Thrashbird noticed that his friends were more interested in their phones than in the world around them, so Thrashbird was inspired to respond through his art.

5dVR is a digital studio based in Cairo, pioneering the creation of absorbing VR/AR experiences. We deliver immersive digital realities that result in total emotional engagement. That is the value of this technology. The platforms and creative content we provide deliver total immersion and an unforgettable experience.

For Thrashbird 5dVR created this augmented reality application to let the clone speak out. Users should search for his clone figures, scan it and it will have a speech bubble that tells Thrashbird words. The speech bubble text is updated though a back-end and it will be location based. Whenever a user scans a clone he will get points and the one with the most points will win a valuable prize from Thrashbird.

This application represents fusion of art and technology and it will be the perfect platform for artists to tell their art story.


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