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Dmitry Kawarga

Dmitry Kawarga was born in Moscow in 1972. Starting his career in art among Moscow nonconformists, the artist found a recognizable style in biomorphic sculptures and interactive installations. A large cycle of works is based on the synthesis of art and technology created in collaboration with scientists, programmers, and engineers.


Dmitry Kawarga is a mysterious artist. He says: "The artist's personality is inseparable from his creative process." It means that the viewer does not have to know the artist personally; it is enough to be familiar with his works, which are his best representations.


"I like to think of myself as an experimental researcher who exists inside his experiments and can materialize invisible psychophysiological processes, embodying their three-dimensional projections into reality".


Dmitry Kawarga began his career with traditional painting, which gradually became more voluminous and finally turned into sculpture. Further experiments and research led him to create interactive robotic sculptures and installations. The artist creates his biomorphic sculptures from polymers, which can be given any shape. Sometimes, old works that he has lost interest in, Kawarga breaks into pieces and turns into new bodies. Thus, his works go through several cycles of reincarnation.


Despite the scientific and academic nature of his work, Dmitry Kawarga does not look like a science-obsessed “mad professor”, but rather the opposite. The artist lives in the suburbs of Moscow, calls his sculpture house - "Kawarga Hall", and he has many pets, mostly dogs, who live in his yard surrounded by and inside many street sculptures.


Solo exhibitions


  • Shells of the Inner Landscape, Anna Nova Gallery, Saint Petersburg;



  • Transport Substance, The Moscow Transport Museum;



  • The Athletes of Neofuturism, Art-Space KazanMall;

  • The Front Wall Was Removed, Gallery of contemporary art «BizOn», Kazan;



  • Norilsk's Substance, BAZIS, CENTRUL DE INTERES, Cluj-Napoca, Rumania; 

  • «Museum's Line», Saint Petersburg;

  • «Anthropocentrism Toxicosis», Ferenczy Museum Center, Szentendre, Hungary;



«Skins of Conceptual Constructions», ELECTROMUSEUM, Moscow;

«Polymeric Offside», MUZEON, Moscow;



  • «Biomorphic Dust», St. Petersburg; 



  • «On the Bottom the Black Fishes», The ex-cinema-theatre «Udarnik», Moscow;



  • «Kawarga. Apocalypse. 21.12», pop/off/art Gallery, Winzavod, Moscow;

  • «Paleo-Geo-Morphologies», Barbarian-art Gallery, Zurich;



  • «Topography of Creative Evolution» (Kulik’s Hair), GridchinHall, Moscow Area;  

  • «Ouroboros» Gallery Brissot art contemporain, Paris;



  • «Biostructures» Barbarian-art gallery, Zurich;

  • «Coming into the theme" gallery pop/off/art, Moscow;



  • «Trepanation of the Thought-forms» gallery pop/off/art, Moscow; 



  • «Photocompressing» Business hous "Mohovaja, 7", Moscow;  



  • «Biomorphic radicalism in the destructive synthesis» gallery "Sam Brook", Moscow;



  • «Retrospective Cut» Natural Science University, Moscow;



  • «Project 2x10» Callery À-3; 



  • Science-n-Art Project in cooperation with Honored Inventor of Russia V.Beshekov;



  • «Saturated Landscape» Staraja Basmannja St.21, Moscow;



  • Expo in Moscow World Bank;



  • Expo in Beljaevo, Moscow;



  • Murals in Theatre «Perovskaja St.»;



  • Kashirka Gallery, Moscow.

Group exhibitions


Things, Museum Art4, Moscow;

  • The Thinking Landscape, Museum of Moscow;

  • Apoc. end of the world every day, Triumph Gallery;



  • Zverev Art Prize. Exhibition of the Nominees, CCA Winzavod;

  • Pavlov's Substance, The new anthropology, and Pavlov School. A permanent exhibition in Koltushi, Leningrad region; 

  • «ArtMoscow», Gostiny Dvor, a-s-t-r-a gallery, Moscow;

  • «ArtRussia», MarsDreams Agency, Gostiny Dvor, Moscow;



  • CosMoscow International Contemporary Atr Fair, Gostiny Dvor, Moscow;

  • «The city as subjectivity», State Museum of Urban Sculpture, St. Petersburg;



  • THIS IS NOT A BOOK: Dmitry Volkov Collection. MMOMA;

  • «Plastic mass», The State Russian Museum / The Marble Palace; 

  • «THE LOOKOUT», Contemporary Art Fest, Fort Konstantin;



  • «Breakthrough», Cultural Foundation Ekaterina;

  • Innovation as an Artistic Technique, Hermitage;




  • Yearning for the Sky, a Special project of the Moscow Biennale; 

  • The 10th CYFEST, St. Petersburg; 

  • Pieter Bruegel. Inverted world, Design Centre ARTPLAY, Moscow;

  • Charity Festival «House of Hearts» Exhibition «EMPATHEIA», LABORATORIA Art & Science Space, Moscow;

  • CosMoscow International Contemporary Atr Fair, Gostiny Dvor, Moscow;

  • Exhibition of works by longlisted artists of The Kuryokhin Award, St. Petersburg;

  • Direct encounter, Solyanka VPA, Moscow;



  • Martyr, Agency ArtRu, Moscow; 

  • Contemporary Russia, The State Central Museum of Contemporary History of Russia;

  • Every evening before sleep, Solyanka VPA, Moscow;

  • CosMoscow ArtFair, International Contemporary Atr Fair, Gostiny Dvor;

  • ARCHSTOYANIE, 11th international festival of landscape objects. Nikola-Lenivets, Dzerzhinsky District, Kaluga region, Russia; 

  • «Quantum Entanglement 2.0», Arsenal, Kremlin, Nizhny Novgorod;



  • «Orient Express», Contemporary Arts Centre MARS, Moscow;

  • «Nadezhda – The Hope Principle», Artistic perspectives on Russian industrial cities Trekhgornaya Manufaktura, Moscow;

  • «Urals Transcendental», ArtPlay, Moscow;

  • «Waxworks Exhibition», Palace of Culture MSTU named Bauman, Moscow; 

  • CosMoscow International Contemporary Atr Fair, Gostiny Dvor, Moscow;

  • «Promise of Landscape», Museum of contemporary art PERMM; 

  • ArtStage Singapore, Asian art fair;



  • «Quantum Entanglement», Laboratoria Art&Science Space, Moscow, (catalog);

  • CosMoscow International Contemporary Atr Fair, Central Manege, Moscow;

  • «File», Electronic Language International Festival, Sao Paulo, Brazil;

  • «ZOO-Zoo» State Darwin Museum, Moscow; 



  • «Tubifex», DNA project / Science-Art Laboratory, Pervouralsk; 

  • The Kandinsky Prize, The Udarnik Cinema, Moscow; 

  • «Open Innovations», Crocus Expo IEC, Moscow; 

  • «ViennaArtFair», Pop/off/art Gallery, Austria;

  • «Contemporary Art in the Traditional Museum»;

  • "TOTAL RECALL The Evolution of memory", ARSELECTRONICA, Austria, Linz;

  • «Frontier», Science-Art-Lab, Moscow; 

  • "GOSZAKAZ" /A Governmental Order/, CCA Winzavod & Pechersky Gallery;

  • The show of the pretenders of the Sergey Kuryokhin Modern Art Award in nomination for The Best Art Projects;



  • «Resonant Matter», The Russian Museum, Marble Palace;

  • «Way-road», Gallery ph_Manometr, ArtPlay, Moscow;

  • «Open Innovations», international forum for innovative development Expocentre;

  • «Lexus Hybrid Art-12», ARTPLAY Design Center, Moscow;



  • «Pro-Contra», International Symposium, Special project of 4 Moscow Biennale of contemporary art, ArtPlay; 

  • «Free spaces», Special project of 4 Moscow Biennale of contemporary art, Agency ArtRu on Ozerkovskaya embankment, 26, Moscow;

  • «Rewriting Worlds: Dada Moscow», Special project of 4 Moscow Biennale of contemporary art, ArtPlay; 

  • Art Moscow 15th International Art Fair, Barbarian-Art Gallery;

  • «Art Focus for Technologies: Charm and Challenge», Ural International Exhibition of Industry and Innovation "INNOPROM-2011", Ekaterinburg;

  • «The Life. The science version», Winzavod Contemporary Art Center, Moscow;

  • «New sculpture, Chaos and Structure», New Museum, St. Petersburg;

  • «Distortions of the Earth», Agency ArtRu, Moscow;



  • «CLUB 21 — Remaking the scene», One Marylebone, Frieze Art Fair, London;

  • «A White on the White», Agency ArtRu, Moscow;

  • «ViennaArtFair», Pop/off/art Gallery, Austria;

  • The Kandinsky Prize 2010, Central House of Artists, Moscow; 

  • Art Moscow14th International Art Fair, Barbarian-Art Gallery;

  • «A New Formalism», Museum of a City Sculpture, St. Petersburg;

  • VOLTA 6, Basel, Switzerland;  

  • «Reality metamorphoses, or Games with Time», Moscow Zverev's Center of contemporary art, Moscow;

  • "0,5" Jubilee exhibition, gallery pop/off/art, Moscow Photos from the exhibition;



  • «New sculpture, Chaos and Structure», Coluyanka Gallery, Moscow Photos from the exhibition;

  • «Good News» OREL ART Gallery, London, England;

  • Art Moscow 13th International Art Fair, pop/off/art gallery; 

  • Preview Berlin, Deutschland;

  • Basel Selection Artfair, gallery "OBOIMA Project Bureau", Basel, Switzerland; 

  • VOLTA5, Barbarian-art Gallery, Basel, Switzerland;  

  • «Night of Museums» State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow;

  • «Evolution of a Dream», State Darwin Museum;

  • EUROP'ART'09 Grand-Saconnex Geneva, Switzerland;

  • BridgeArtFair, New York;



  • «Atlantis» gallery A3, Moscow;

  • «Invasion: Evasion» BAIBAKOV art projects;



  • Bridge, Miami Beach;

  • «Cyberfest» Youth Educational Centre of State Hermitage Museum;

  • «Power of Water» State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg;

  • «Tunguska meteorite», The meteorite fall 100 years ago, Krasnoyarsk; 

  • «Art About Mortality», in memory N. Konstantinova, Rostov on Don;

  • «Sleeping district», gallery ArtMarin, Moscow;



  • 7th Krasnoyarsk Biennial 2007;

  • Competition on the project of a monument to Boris Nikolaevichu Yeltsin; 

  • Work is exhibited at a show window of a museum ART4.RU; 

  • Art Moscow 8th International Art Fair, pop/off/art gallery;



  • Art Manezh, Moscow;


  • «World of War» Museum Of Decorative Art;


  • The Size Does Matter» Central House of Artists;

  • «Object and Thing» Museum Of Decorative Art;



  • «Action Initiation» Art Laboratory Dominanta, Moscow;

  • «Bleeding of Spring» Malaja Gruzinskaja;



  • Art Manezh, Moscow;

  • Art Moscow 2nd International Art Fair, Dominanta Gallery;



  • «Fun-Art» Central House of Artists, Moscow;



  • Group "Hummer" Manezh, Moscow;

  • «Golden Brush» Central House of Artists, Moscow;



  • Malaja Gruzinskaja in Manezh , Moscow;

  • «Space and Spirit», Central House of Artists, Moscow;

  • Group "Hummer" Central House of Artists, Moscow;



  • In Memory fo Pjatnitzkogo Malaja Gruzinskaja , Moscow;

  • «Labyrinth» Palace of Youth, Moscow.

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