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There are few things that grab hold of us like art. It awakens our imagination and creativity, it feeds our ability to innovate and change. Art make us ignore differences, reach out and connect across barriers and engage honestly in ways only deeply social experiences can do.


Photography by Larsen Sotelo

Wearable ART

We are inspired to scratch and then look beyond the surface. Our work is a discovery of people and things that generate impact and interest across a rich diverse spectrum. We are playfully thought-provoking, engaging and sometimes pure rock n’ roll!


Hailing from Gothenburg on the South West coast of Sweden LIMITATO is an outpouring of original style from a collision of industries, from art to music and from Hollywood to sport - poignant, bold and sometimes with tongue firmly in cheek.


Embracing luxury product and turning it into wearable pieces of art, LIMITATO has collaborated with some of the worlds leading and celebrated photographers through to the leaders and shapers of the art world, from contemporary and postmodernism through to those ’stop in your tracks' stills captured through a lens.


Our latest collaboration with artist FAUVES, via LA-based JM Art Management, allows us to move forward with our contemporary programme, offering a new window and opportunity for people to interact with the art world and the genius that lies beneath.


Cleverly combining different iconic images in vivid, colourful compositions, FAUVES style is nothing but eclectic and presents such a striking, impactful  option for wearers that we hope will engage and generate conversation.


The FAUVES x LIMITATO collection features six eye-catching paintings printed onto a luxury velvet fabric, made more prominent by a thick black embroidered border set against a luxury Peruvian cotton back-drop. The six pieces, named NR5, MJAU, HIRST, JAGUAR PIZZA, SATURDAY and MAR are featured in midnight blue, black and white colour-ways to enhance the statement.

View collection HERE

Special thanks go to Shiloh Fernandez for being part of this project.