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Gosha Ostretsov-JM Art Management

Gosha Ostretsov

Georgy (Gosha) Ostretsov is a famous Russian artist and one of the brightest representatives of the Moscow avant-garde artistic life of the eighties. He practically founded the genre of man-style in Russia and announced fashion and style as the new language of contemporary art. Ostretsov's work heavily references comic books; hero and villain are crystal clear, and the struggle between humanity and a ruling government is evident.

Ostretsov was born in Mosow in 1967. He graduated from the School of Theatre Design at the Bolshoi Theatre in 1984 and began to work as an artist, showing his work at numerous exhibitions. In 1988 he moved to Paris, where he lived and worked for ten years, including three years as artist and designer at Jean-Charles de Castelbajac.

The artist manages to preserve the provocative ambiguity of his whole project, and to remain in an invulnerable position of independent social criticism, invariably quick-witted and precise. The large canvases and installations are executed in the aesthetics of comics, mixed, as it were, with the accidental intrusion of the street, which spoils the totalitarian message with its colorful blotches and dirt. Ostertsov splatters bright colored graffiti across the picture plane creating his style suggestive of techno folk art. His images of the destruction of capitalists and greedy authoritarian systems of control suggest a redistribution of energy and power. The artist doesn't treat Fascism, Stalinism or Capitalism, as implicit 'enemies' but regards any system of government that seeks to progressively tailor society as such. The power of his images lies in his universal message and mission.

Gosha now lives and works in Moscow.


Solo exhibitions


  • I’ve been abducted hundreds of times! Palazzo Nani Bernardo.



  • I've been abducted hundreds of times! Triangle gallery, Moscow.



  • Autotrans NG. Zarya art center. Vladivostok.



  • Heavy Patients, Rabouan Mousson Gallery.



  • Apocalypse, Marat Guelman Gallery, Moscow;

  • Art Moscow, Triumph Gallery;

  • Banality and Eternity', Triumph Gallery;

  • Gosha for Kids, Triumph Gallery;

  • The Adventures of Robin Hood, Paradise Row, London.


  • Dead Souls, Triumph Gallery;

  • Moloko-SOS, Ravenscourt Galleries, Moscow.


  • Under repair. Moscow museum of contemporary art, Moscow;

  • Salon Beaute, Rabouan-Moussion Gallery, Paris;

  • Rich-Bitch' One Work Gallery, Moscow;

  • Morg (Moscow Organisation)', Central House of Artists, Moscow.


  • Lawlessness. Marat Guelman Gallery, Moscow.


  • Performance, The Ceremony of Granting the New Government’s Order "Silver Badge of Honour" to the Best People of the Russia Federation. S.Art Gallery, Moscow; 

  • Eat the Halfwit: wall mural in the Tretyakov Gallery at Krymsky Val, Modern Trends Departmemt,Hall of Actual Art.


  • Vandals and Generals of the New Government. Marat Guelman Gallery, Moscow. 



  • Contemporary Art in a Traditional Museum festival organised by the Ford Foundation; 

  • Antarctic Eden one-man project in the Arctic and Antarctic Museum, St. Petersburg. 



  • New Government one-man exhibition, Marat Guelman Gallery, Moscow; 

  • Visitor one-man exhibition, Marble Palace (Branch of the State Russian Museum), St. Petersburg.


Public Collections

  • The State Tretyakov Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia;

  • The State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia;

  • The Moscow Contemporary Art Museum, Moscow, Russia;

  • The Saatchi Collection, London, England;

  • The Arctic and Antarctic Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia;

  • The Freud Museum of Dreams, St. Petersburg, Russia.

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