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Grigorii Gorkovenko

Grigorii Gorkovenko is an unconventional Russian artist, interior and furniture designer, the mastermind of “Gorkovenko design” and RIM Studio Design. His artistic signature consists in redefining traditional Slavic backgrounds, images, and shapes. The best examples are the traditional Matryoshka Russian doll, the Busa giant bead, Gorbunok horse, amongst others. 


The style he calls @serious fun@ is an allegory of the competition between dark and serious, bright and shiny, almost clown-like. A synergy between laughter and sadness, light and heaviness, calm and craziness.

Infinite space created of textures, forms, colors, and energy.

The history of the GORKOVENKO brand has started with the creation of unique individual interior items, that were used in the own studio projects. As far as the company extended and developed, the philosophy and images of pieces and spaces of the studio have resonated in the men of virtue’s hearts, becoming later a full-size design product with constant items, indexes, and new trends and proposals. Different art masters’ skills, unique design, and understanding of extensional decisions have transformed into one system, a language of design, that is heard nowadays in all objects and items of the studio throughout the world.

GORKOVENKO style is the synergy of contrasts, colors, forms, and textures. Slavic motives, bright colors, allegoric images, and ironic ideas and forms are united in it.

Our idea and mission are to create the art you want to interact and live with, that inspires you to create new and gorgeous.

The items are to fulfill the spaces with the magic to inspire and create a unique atmosphere in any room.

Natural materials in re-thought forms and rendering.

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