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GUCCI in Wonderland

GUCCI in Wonderland series contains two parts. 

First one, GUCCI in wonderland, is an inspiration that came to John Paul Fauves after doing a 10 piece collection of some Alessandro Michele art campaigns.

There was so much magic realism in the GUCCI brand and concept that transcended from being a clothing label to something more surreal. It is here when the artist decides to give a hold to his new collection for 2018 named "holy exit" and dive into this new world of colors and wonders.

The second part, Alice in Wonderland, represents the artist a world of fantasy and dreams. It seems as if the author Lewis Caroll could write like a dream.

The same concept of surrealism is what FAUVES feels about Gucci design and branding. It as if Gucci can design and create form the world of dreams, and this is what the artist wants to represent in his art GUCCI in wonderland.

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