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  • 2017  The First Chinese Urban Public Art Exhibition, Beijing, China;

  • 2017  Revelations, the International Fine Craft & Creation Biennial, Paris, France;


  • 2015  ART MO, Macao;

  • 2015  Art Beijing 2015, Beijing, China;

  • 2015  Art Central Hong Kong, Art+ Shanghai Gallery;

  • 2015  Still: Contemporary Works from a New Generation of Chinese Artists, Art+ Shanghai Gallery, Shanghai, China;

  • 2015  NULL - Huang Yulong Sculpture Exhibition, Hong Kong;

  • 2015  Mock Fashion Art Exhibition, Shanghai, China;


  • 2014  ART MO, Macao;

  • 2014  Art Beijing Art Fair, Beijing;


  • 2013  The 4th International Contemporary Exhibition: Garden of Imagination, Gwangju Art, South Korea;

  • 2013  In Between Days III: Collection from the Gallery, Art+ Shanghai Gallery, Shanghai;

  • 2013  Art Macao Contemporary Art Fair, Macao;


  • 2012  SH Contemporary Art Fair, Art+ Shanghai Gallery, Shanghai;

  • 2012  In Between Days II : Collection from the Gallery, Art+ Shanghai Gallery, Shanghai; 


  • 2011  Art by Geneva Art Fair, Red Zone Arts, Geneva, Switzerland;

  • 2011  Chinese Artists/ Marseille, France;


  • 2010  Zeitgeist: Huang Yulong Solo Exhibition, Himalayas Art Museum, Shanghai;


  • 2009  Niubi Project Kaisei Exhibition, Schoeni Gallery, Hong Kong;

  • 2009  Niubi Newbie Kids II, Schoeni Gallery, Hong Kong;

  • 2009  BLUEDOT ASIA 2009, Seoul, Korea;

  • 2009  Single Child Generation - Voice of Object, Chongqing Huangjueping’s New Year;

  • 2009  International Art Festival, Chongqing;


  • 2007  345 Degree Fresh Art Exhibition, Duolun Art Museum, Shanghai;

  • 2007  The 2nd National Exhibition of College Graduates’ Outstanding Sculptures, Beijing.

Huang Yulong

Huang Yulong was born in 1983 in Anhui Province, China. In 2007 he graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture from the Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute in Jiangxi Province. As one of the new generation of Chinese artists and part of the ‘post-80s generation’ and ‘only child’ generation, Huang is strongly influenced by the phenomenon of foreign culture in China, which he combines with his fascination with pottery and the material world. Huang is best known for his sculptures of Buddhas in hoodies, displaying an exchange of Eastern tradition and Western contemporary style. He was selected by “Complex” as “25 Contemporary Chinese Artists You Need to Know” in 2013. His sculptures have been exhibited at Niubi Newbie Kids II, at Schoeni Gallery, Hong Kong; “Zeitgeist” Huang Yulong’s Solo Exhibition at Himalayas Art Museum, Shanghai, China; Chinese Artist / Marseille Artist at Marseilles, France; The 4th International Contemporary Art Exhibition at Gwangju Biennale Korea, Art Beijing Art Fair at Beijing, China and etc. He also held his first solo exhibition “NULL” in Hong Kong in 2015.

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