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Igor Dobrowolski

Born in Jelenia Góra, Poland, Dobrowolski has long drawn from the aesthetics of his childhood hometown for inspiration. Delicately shaded large-scale paintings in monochrome hues are often layered with overlapping body parts or dream-like imagery. Inspired by Dalí and Escher as a child, Dobrowolski spent hours indoors sketching; drawing from his family’s collection of art books that had a profound influence on his practice.

Through continuous attention and action on social issues and humanitarianism, the artist Dobrowolski has developed a new series of works in 2020, using metal media and mirror treatment, carving on metal surfaces, and using mixed media and polyester, which creates three-dimensional crystals. The sorrow and suffering in the past are sublimated into beautiful crystals.



Through the characteristics of the metal and special treatment, the new series artwork is like the sun, shining brightly. The work is no longer just sorrow, but with a strong hope and power.


“It is very important for me to include, in all of my works a particle of hope, because I believe it is going to be better."


Even after the greatest tragedies.


2020 Gin Huang, Art Formosa Fair, Taiwan;
2020 Maddox gallery London Summer contemporary 2020 PlanX, Milan, Days of the future present;

2019 Art Milami Fair, Miami;
2019 Winter contemporary Gstaad;
2019 Maddox gallery winyer contemporary;
2019 Maddox Gallery, London, Love and other crimes - Mayfair;

2018 Maddox Gallery, London, Summer Contemporary - Shepherd Market;
2018 Maddox Gallery, London, Summer Contemporary - Mayfair;
2018 Maddox Gallery, London, Summer Contemporary - Westbourne Grove;
2018 Maddox Gallery, London, Spring Contemporary ;

2017 Solo Show, Berlin - Igor Dobrowoski;
2017 Solo Show Wrocaw - Igor Dobrowolski;
2017 Art Fair, Rzeszów - Art United Fair;

2016 Solo Show, Warsaw - "Why Do You Exist".

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