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Larsen Sotelo

Larsen Sotelo is a Filipino-American art and fashion photographer based in Los Angeles, California. 

He got BFA degree in Graphic Design from California State University. 

Sotelo began making photographs in ( year). Combing knowledge with a passion for art and fashion,  his tastes and creative visions are powerfully expressed in the realm of photography. 

Sotelo is master at capturing the sexual magnetism of his subjects, presenting them in their most raw moments,  revealing eroticism, power, and feminine charisma. 

"When I shoot someone nude I always try not to shoot them where it is too provocative. I always try to find a different angle or different point of view of my subject.

The way I shoot has no structure almost.  I like to shoot my subject based on their personalities, the location I’m at and what I’m seeing that moment.  So every shot is always different."

As for “using film” I like using film because it gives me limited shots to use when shooting my subject.  I really get to value every shot and focus more on what I’m seeing and feeling that moment.  There's something about film that you can never replicate shooting digital.  It also helps me to be more selective with what I want to shoot.   I’m not a very technical shooter so I love shooting point and shoot type film cameras.  This gives me the freedom to shoot fast and with my emotions.  I try not to think too much when I’m shooting and really go with what I’m feeling and seeing at that moment in time."   

His work continues to break through stereotypes, in search of provocative beauty and unconventional truths, as well as his professional portfolio, continues to elevate as he eagerly challenges new frontiers from within his craft.   

Sotelo shot ad campaigns for Paco Rabanne, Jeffrey Campbell, Casamigos, Taio Cruz, Stampd LA, 80s Purple, etc. His editorials have appeared in Vice, Juxtapoz, Nylon, Popular,  Monster Children, P Magazine and many more.   

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