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Lika Brutyan 

Lika Brutyan is american photographer, was born in a family of scientists and artists in Yerevan, Armenia. 
Her training and work in psychotherapy has lead her to a deep curiosity in human nature. 
While still in the field of psychology, she started to shoot. Over the years she became more and more interested in photographing human emotion and behavior. This interest combined her great appreciation for fashion has lead Lika down the path of fashion photography and portraiture. 
Lika’s work are shown across the U.S, Great Britain, France, Italy, Romania. Her photographs have been published in various magazines, many of them belong to private collections.



  • Sublimation at Voies Off Festival, Arles;

  • Sublimation at Fondazione Luciana Matalon, Milano;


  • Photo Expo, Paris, France;

  • Museum of Art, Constanta, Romania;



  • Doyle+ Design, New York, NY;

  • Griffin Museum of Photography, Massachusetts, USA;

  • LightBox Photographic Gallery, Oregon, USA;


  • Beverly Art Show, Beverly Hills, USA 1st place;


  • VEX ARTS, Los Angeles, USA;

  • SCOPE, New York, USA;

  • Goddo Gallery, Los Angeles, USA;


  • Unit 24 Gallery, London, UK;

  • Goddo Gallery, Los Angeles, CA;


  • Goddo Gallery , Los Angeles, CA;


  • Di 2 Studio, New York, NY.

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