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Love Impetuous Passion Sensuality


Voluptuous pout or cupid’s bow-shaped, red velvet or purple plum, subtly sensitive or aggressively bold: lips are the greatest feature of the human body. The epitome of sensuality, they also define our personality. Whether used with assertiveness or shyness, we, human beings, all agree on an irrefutable common point: lips are the perfect cushion for love.

Lipstick unites women. Whatever their background is, they carry their own femininity through it, seamlessly changing the mood with the stroke of its gloss. It conveys and enhances independence via expression of the self. It’s a powerful, striking symbol of female emancipation.

Inspired by Pop Art, these compelling photographs demonstrate that popular imagery and luxury brands are indeed an integral part of the fine arts. Lipstick is as necessary for a woman’s purse as it is hanging on the wall.

The 3D photographs, like the lips themselves, are born of voluptuousness and sensuality. They can be dramatic or subtle. This exhibition embraces the universality of all of our lips, celebrating them as the icon they are - no matter their shape, size, color, or current mood - and how important they are for women, fashion, and the arts as a whole. 

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