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Nikita Makarov

Makarov is attracted to the discreet beauty of the world – not the wild scenery, but a lived-in space, where urban culture permeates nature. His landscapes, whether a deserted European beach subsumed in the evening twilight or a snowy Russian city, resembling fairy-tale decorations, give an impression of strange, slightly delusory mise-en-scènes, frontier areas between a dream and everyday reality. In these pictures – seemingly calm, serene, and withdrawn from the contradictions of modern life – the artist holds an absorbing dialogue with the past. Interpreting the historically formed conventions of his preferred genre, he reveals, in his way, the complex, existentially stressed image of the modern age. Nikita Makarov was born in Moscow. In 2002, he graduated from the Moscow State Academic Art College in Memory of 1905, and in 2008, from the Surikov Moscow State Academic Art Institute (Evgeny Maksimov’s workshop of mural painting). Makarov is a member of the Moscow Union of Artists, the Union of Artists of Russia, and an associate member of the Russian Academy of Arts. He participated in numerous group exhibitions at various venues, including the Russian Academy of Arts, the Central House of Artists, and the “Khudgraph” fair of graphic arts. Makarov’s solo exhibitions were held at the House Museum of Muravyov-Apostol, as well as galleries in Moscow, New York, and other cities.



  • On the edge of an enchanted world. MMOMA Museum, Moscow. WA Gallery & Askeri Gallery, Moscow;

  • Point and view. WA Gallery & One Art Space Gallery, New York.


  • Space 7. Group exhibition at the Totibadze Gallery, Moscow;

  • Walk. Askeri Gallery, Moscow.


  • Air geography. House-Museum "Manor of the Ants-Apostles", Moscow.


  • The story of more than one trip. CEV Museyon at the Pushkin Museum im. A.C. Pushkin, Ars Longa Gallery, Moscow.


  • The space of impulses. Ars Longa Gallery, photohub Manometr, Moscow;

  • The game of beads. Theater Workshop P. Fomenko, Moscow.


  • Other shores. ARTATLAS Gallery, Moscow;

  • Artist. Fate Time. Gallery ARS LONGA, Central House of Artists, Moscow;

  • Young Artists of Russia. Central House of Artists, Moscow;

  • HUDGRAPH 2011. VI Fair of Graphic Arts. Gallery ARS LONGA, Moscow;

  • 31st exhibition of works by young Moscow artists. Ministry of Agriculture on Kuznetsk bridge, Moscow.


  • Visions of the Adriatic. ARTATLAS Gallery, Moscow;

  • Paris - Florence. Object One Gallery, Moscow;

  • Sentimental journey. Gallery "On Chistye Prudy", Moscow;

  • Russian artists. International Center Cite Internationale des arts, Moscow;

  • Young Artists of Russia. Central House of Artists, Moscow;

  • Constellation of names. Moscow Academic Art Lyceum, Moscow;

  • France in the works of young artists. Russian Academy of Arts, Moscow;

  • The world of painting. Central House of Artists, Moscow;

  • Three generations. Russian Academy of Arts, Moscow.


  • Barcarolla. Ascension Gallery, Moscow;

  • Russia XXI. Central House of Artists, Moscow;

  • Artist and teacher. M'ars Gallery, Moscow.


  • ART-MANEZH 2008. X International Art Fair, Central Exhibition Hall "Manege", Moscow.


  • Moscow Youth Exhibition. Ministry of Agriculture on Kuznetsk bridge, Moscow;

  • Young Artists of Russia, Moscow.


  • Moscow through the eyes of the young, Moscow.


  • Moscow Youth Exhibition. Ministry of Agriculture on Kuznetsky Most, Moscow.

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