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Protect the Ocean

For centuries, Ocean appeared invulnerable to human recklessness. Today it needs our attention and support. Nuclear pollution, oil leaks, vast clumps of plastic garbage, overfishing, relocation of species together comprise an incomplete list of human gratitude for all the Ocean has provided. What can I do to protect the ocean? It is huge and I am small. Nevertheless, I am a human and a professional, and here is a problem I can start with.

​Kelp forests run in the waters off California beaches for many miles. These trees of kelp crawl from rock to rock and lean toward the sunbeams dappling the ocean surface, their depths dotted with darting orange garibaldi fish. On a calm day, you can see from the cliffs the kelps golden branches resting on the waves. When winter storms tear the trees from their rocky holdfasts and throw them ashore, you walk among the brown bodies looking for clean sand. Until you dive and see these beauties in their majestic natural home.

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