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Robert Mack

Robert Mack is a visual artist working in wide range of media including fine art photography, filmmaking, video installations and painting. Robert has exhibited his artwork in galleries throughout America and Europe, most notably with major exhibitions at the Baltimore Museum of Art and the Reiss-Engelhorn Museum in Mannheim, Germany. Both museums include Robert’s artwork in their permanent collection.

Robert’s ongoing project is his WRAPPED SERIES where he covers subjects with sheer material creating intimate, beautiful and moody work that examines themes of dreams, sleep, beauty, death, even transcendence. Where Christo wraps buildings, Robert wraps people.  Early images were taken on his bed, yet remain innocent and playful in the artist’s vision.  All of his other work is  created at sunrise, out in the silent Southern Californian Hi-Desert where the flat horizon early light allows for magic to happen.


He uses both digital and old school film mediums, creating images that remain pure as they are not manipulated with digital effects technology. During a session, he uses only nature's available light and swirls the sheer material to in a way “ paint “ his subjects with resulting work that looks more like paintings than traditional photography. Robert’s photographs capture a moment of experience that reveals an inner deeper nature and asks us to reconsider them again and again.

“To me, there is nothing more interesting to photograph than the human face and form. A subject and pho- tographer can enter into an unspoken pact and when this occurs the resulting image has the potential to transcend the two participants.“


Robert Mack

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