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  • Frida Fine Arts Gallery, Moscow, Rusnano;

  • SM Art Gallery, Shows.  



  • Moscow, gallery ARTIS.



  • "RED by ARTIS", Nikolskaya Gallery, Moscow;

  • "Carrousel du Louvre", Paris, Louvre;

  • "POP to ART", solo exhibition, Metropolis Gallery, Saint-Petersburg;

  • "7 Sins", solo exhibition, Saint-Petersburg.



  • Moscow, Exhibition of young artists.



  • Lampa Studio, Saint-Petersburg.

Roman Reznitsky

Roman Reznitsky (1978) is a Russian contemporary artist. For six years, he studied in various art schools, mastering academic drawing and the various techniques of painting. In 2004, he graduated from the Higher School of Graphic Design in Moscow, Russia and 2005 from the department of architecture and construction at Novgorod State University. Having secured his academicism, Roman graduated from university with a degree in Design. Having received a full artistic education, he began to discover himself in different hypostasis and as a result chose pure artistic creativity. In just a couple of years, he created his own expressive and recognizable language of emotions, colors, sex, household fantasies, and optical illusions. His work balances on the edge of the painting, graphic art, and design: massive strokes of acrylic form the relief of the canvas, while the figurative image is applied with clear confident lines, closing the rich colors in contrasting contours, all the while creating a multi-layered perception of each painting. Each work is fraught with two parts – visual and philosophical. Behind the bright colors and eroticism is a hidden subtext illustrating a slice of modern society. His work actualizes pop-art templates, translating them into modern language. His work is of different sizes, but always square. He targets a “thinking audience”.

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