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Sanjar Djabbarov

Sanjar Djabbarov was born in Gulistan, the capital of the Sirdaria Province in eastern Uzbekistan. The avant-garde artist studied Industrial Design at the National Institute of Arts and Design, graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in 2008. He later joined the Art Gallery of Uzbekistan's '5+1' creative art group before becoming a tutor at the Republic College of Professional Design in 2013. The young artist has already left an indelible impact on the art world, having participated in the Tashkent International Biennale of Contemporary Art and a number of exhibitions organized by Uzbekistan's Academy of Arts. Djabbarov's pieces are unique because of his experimental approach to creativity, which is stylized in abstract form. The artist has exhibited internationally, with his first solo exhibition, 'Light and Shadow,' held in 2013 at the Youth Creativity Palace (Fund Forum) in Tashkent (Uzbekistan's capital). 

Sanjar Djabbarov's work straddles the line between representation and abstraction. The artist is more concerned with constructing a discernible arrangement of forms than building a narrative. He blurs boundaries, erases faces, and creates what is essentially a dreamlike mashup of modern iconography. Sanjar is drawn to hidden, intimate, and secret places, as well as their opposites which manifest as wide, open, and distant horizons.

Djabbarov remained faithful to himself and produced body of work collectively known as Garden in the Wonderland. Through his art, Sanjar offers us chance to travel to an unexpected destination. Two female figures depict a hidden world of dreams and nightmares against a backdrop decorated with components from traditional Suzani embroideries that are typical of Uzbekistan. In compositions, all traces of the familiar have disappeared, giving them a surrealist vibe.

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