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Overwhelmed by the outbursts of terror and violence that have been recently happening across the world, Huang Yulong has created his new “Snowflakes” series made of crystal, bronze or wooden gun-shaped fragments that when assembled together resemble a shape of a snowflake.

The artist sympathizes to the victims and witnesses of terror whose world has crumbled into pieces in the midst of peaceful and serene everyday life routine. The same way a blizzard lashes down unexpectedly in the middle of a summer day, people’s lives are being disturbed by uninvited intrusions and attacks of violence and terror. With the help of a universal art language, by shaping guns into snowflakes, the artist hopes to transmit a simple message across the borders and nations that there is simply no place for violence in this world and it has to melt away and disappear eventually just like the snow that always melts in the end of winter.

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