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Tetiana Kalivoshko - JM Art Management

Tetiana Kalivoshko

Tetiana Kalivoshko is an American-based Ukrainian artist who specializes in painting, sculpture, and art installations. Graduated from the L’viv National Academy of Art and Shanghai's East China Normal University.

She decided to devote herself to the world of art in 2015 after seeing the exhibition "In Love With Art" which motivated her to begin developing her art and ideas and to travel across the world.

Tetiana's debut project installation, "Peace," was shown in several Ukrainian cities. The installation “Peace”.

Her work materialized spectacular shapes of Chinese hieroglyphs that mean "Peace". In 2016, Tetiana presented her first collection, "Warm inside", in Shanghai.

At the same time, she worked as an art teacher for children and adults in a private school "Gong Mei Art".

She presented her special installation project "Old Legend" at Changzhou City, China, in the autumn of 2016.

Enchanted with the great perspectives for artists in North America, she decided to move to Miami.
Her first exhibitions in the U.S. were held in Miami Art Basel 2017 where she exhibited her "Spring War".

In 2018, she was invited to Santiago, Chile to present her installation project in the "SALA En Transito" gallery called "Gold Inside".

Later in 2018, she had an exhibition at Art Palm Beach 2018 where she presented "Spring War' and "Spring War Mandala".

At the end of 2018, she participated in two collective exhibitions "Red Square art gallery" and "Don private exhibition".

Some artworks from her "Spring War" collection are part of the collection at the Boyarsky Museum and the Lesia Ukrainka Literature Memorial Museum. The idea of this collection is to show how war weapons should be discarded and transformed into flowers, a new life, and a lovely future.

In 2019, she also exhibited her collection "Strangers" at the Pinta Art Show with La Sala gallery.

"My main goal as an artist is to show through my art that regardless of race, nationality,

age, sex, social or economic background, that at any point of time we can make decisions, choices and changes that will affect us for the rest of our lives.

Through my art I would like to pose a question, an idea or a statement that will trigger the viewers to new ideas, insights and dialogs.

My paintings incorporate my personal life experiences, places I visited and cultures I was exposed to.

Before start painting, I make many sketches, each sketch represent a point of view, a different way to present my idea or the subject of what I want to paint. It is the same

way as in real life where every subject could have many different points of views.

I am inspired by people and how we all have our own goals, dreams, fears, joys, beliefs and hopes. Each of us is the hero and master of our own life.

I would like that the viewers of my art will be able to relate to it in their own unique way according to their own life story and to choose what they want to see, the same way can make a choice in our own lives."

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