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The man without a rod

The artist spent almost ten years of his life in the making of this nine-piece series. It is an introspective representation of what he calls absolute hopelessness. “It's about the emptiness of the soul, but it's also about starting anew; when you feel nothing but finding the power inside of you to stand up and move.”

The series represents 9 separate pieces that are connected by a common idea and artistic solution. An image of a man in a difficult life situation has been taken as the basis. 


In our lifetime, every one of us faces situations that at first glance are impossible to get over. When we do not know how to move on, and whether it is possible in the first place. Such situations pull the rug out from under our feet. The character of the sculpture is depicted in this very moment, and is empty on the inside, cannot find the way to live and does not have any aims or plans.  


However, the series not only reproduce a man’s hard period of life, but it is sort of a turning point. It is the moment of “a second breath”. It resembles an argument when it seems the strength is totally expired and he or she can move forward, neither physically nor mentally; but all of a sudden, out of nowhere, you get the energy that pushes you to the new accomplishments.


In this series, the Artist was eager to show this very moment, for what yesterday seemed to be a bottomless spiritual vacancy, today can be filled with new life goals. It is as if you start your life from scratch, you can change your life vector crucially and fill the vacancy with new achievements.  

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