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thrashbird | JM Art Management


“It started with Legos and Lincoln logs.

As far back as I can recall I have wanted to create. I grew up subverting mainstream cultures and mentalities. That is when I created THRASHBIRD.

I like expression where there are grey walls.

That is why I like to do street art. As I get older the inspiration for my work is changing.

I am enticed by taboo subjects in American life, like sexuality and violence. My art is a question to the people. I am always questioning myself.

I want to know if you are too.”

Among the most authentic contemporary street art renegades, Thrashbird uses both humor and subversion to dramatize significant issues that plague our society: obsessional interest in celebrity, our own self-image and over-reliance on technology.

While Thrashbird’s own identity remains incognito, his art tackles universal themes that we can all relate to and see ourselves perpetuating—whether we want to admit it or not. His Clone, for instance, ubiquitous on the streets of Los Angeles, is glued to his phone, frantically texting away, just like the rest of us. His long, slender body slouches and crumples inward to accommodate his screen and his face, obscured by a hoodie, is directed toward the digital world rather than the actual world around him.

Thrashbird often stencils his clones on the ground rather than on the side of buildings and if we happen to spot them while we’re walking and texting at the same time, well, we’ve proven the artist’s point haven’t we? 

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