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Timur Ernst Akhmedov

Timur Akhmedov is an artist from Uzbekistan. He was born on November 5th, 1968, in Tashkent. Graduated from Art College. Since 1990, he is a participant in more than 40 exhibitions in Uzbekistan, England, Scotland, Germany, and Russia. Timur is a winner of the Grand Prix Asia-Art. His works are characterized by high tension in the harmony of color; clear and simple only at first sight, this art often contains an element of implicit symbolism.

Akhmedov's art is an attempt to return to harmony, both inside oneself, and between oneself and the world; an attempt to find a link with the world and at the same time to fly away from it to the better world. His state of mind, generally characteristic of artists, is similar to mediation in prayer.

The special world is enclosed in his works. His pictures are the result of a creative alloy of the European art school and Central Asian cultural traditions, where the clear combination of Asian turquoise, warm ochre, and cold red creates a space of special musicality.

"Each artwork is a palimpsest of images, from the Flemings to the Iranian miniature. By scraping off an already applied layer of paint, a completely random, unexpected but recognizable image can be achieved.

From the very beginning of the work, there is no certainty about what will be depicted. As a result of such meditations, the painting is saturated with a variety of mythological narratives."

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