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VIQA (Victoria Badion) is a Russian-born Finland-based artist.

Victoria calls her studio a laboratory because of the large space that allows her to experiment with different materials. 


She combines classical oil painting with 3D sculpture, turning Disney characters into stylish, fashionable heroes with elements of luxury. The author's technique gives her works a recognizable style and a new sound of a genre familiar to the viewer. 

Today, VIQA's trademark is her work with the character of Scrooge McDuck, so beloved by many since childhood. Each of her collectors identifies this character with herself. It allows her to fantasize and embody interesting plots in her paintings. 


Also among Victoria's favorite cartoon characters is the glamorous and sexy kitty from "Tom and Jerry" - Toodles Galore. We all remember her passionate love for luxury and expensive outfits. A highlight in the artist's technique is the exact copying of couture jewelry accessories of our fashion industry, such as Versace, Dior, DG, LV, etc. 


VIQA considers herself not just an artist; she acts as a designer, sculptor, jeweler, and stylist at the initial stage of creating a sketch of a future painting. She paints her paintings in traditional oil painting techniques with an addition of secret acrylic colors that allow her to achieve bright, juicy tones. VIQA uses Swarovski crystals in her work, which gives her pieces more glamor. She uses very high-quality materials and keeps her technique a secret. To remain exclusive in the art market. Her artistic biography includes both group and solo exhibitions, and her paintings are in private collections in Finland, Switzerland, France, Italy, and America.


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