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exhibition by Alina Karo 

Soho, New York 

JM Art Management is pleased to invite you to the opening reception of VOLLIPSIS, a solo exhibition by Alina Karo

Inspired by one of a kind androgyne Russian model Danila Polyakov and curated by Etienne Russo. 


In this series, Karo investigates the matters of her concern in the nowadays society and the world around us. Among them are contemporary modes of social behavior in different strata of society, the relations between a man and a woman, unity and opposites struggle, the environment. 

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The title of the show, Vollipsis, bears a hint of mystery. By merging the meanings of two words - Volute + Ellipsis – the authors not only defined the symbolism of their col- laboration, adding the cinematographic references to each other’s’ roles, but also pre- sented the story made of 25 photographs in a spiral formation visible for both of them. 

The conscious elusiveness and inexhaustibility of artists’ intention does not deconstruct the content of the story and at the same time highlights the cinematic side of the project. Vollipsis is a film with different plots, where in the end the paths of all main characters inter- cross and they all appear to be connected by the same story, which ties them into solid cause- and-effect relationship. Each photograph, as well as each episode has a title and a description. 

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Vollipsis NYC | Alina Karo | JM Art Management
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