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On Set with FF Films

This winter I had the pleasure to be part of the crew for the shooting of a great short film about Art, Painter & Crazy Experience! Known as an "Artsy" I had to provide with paintings and create "live art" on set. OOgum Leftfoot, the Artist who collaborated with me on that project did a great job!

Want to highlight few people:

Azhar Taizhan


Filmmaking, Photography

Azhar born in Kazakhstan, Almaty, currently living in Los Angeles.

She is a student at NYFA- New York Film Academy.

The New York Film Academy was founded by veteran producer Jerry Sherlock in 1992.

Their students learn how to write, produce, direct, and edit their own original films.

Shooting movies is part of coursework for Azhar.

Let's wish her good luck!

Alex Melnyk


Director, Cinematographer, Writer.

Alex was born in Ukraine. At a very young age, while living in Kiev, he established a strong name as Glamour Photographer and Filmmaker.

A few years ago he moved to LA and started his career from scratch.

Starting all over again can be tough.... BUT

Because of his talent and stubbornness, in very short period of time, he became quite recognizable in the City of Angeles as a professional filmmaker.

Alex shoots lots of music videos, commercials, documentaries, films.

I will use the chance and mention that I recently joined the company- FF-Films ( and now we all working on some very exciting projects!

OOgum Leftfoot

Artist, Painter

Special Thanks to that person, all Artwork used in the movie belongs to this talented Emerging Artist.

OOgum Leftfoot is a Native American Artist based in Los Angeles, CA. His work can be best described as pop surrealism with a slice of the primitive street. Known for his line work and innovative character, OOgum is a mixed media artist ranging from drawing, painting, graphic design, and sculpture. This up and coming artist is rapidly gaining momentum in the LA art scene and is set to do collaborations with staples in the industry.

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