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Art Los Angeles Contemporary

It's the eighth year of Art Los Angeles Contemporary of the West Coast at Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, famous arts venue.

Fair presents lots of known and emerging galleries from all over the globe.

Would love to highlight some of the artists:

Donna Huanca

Donna Huanca's installations fuse tactile materials, such as clothing and ephemera to create architectural collages that are performative in nature. Working primarily with deconstructed clothing, dipped in paint and solidified, her sculptural gestures pause a once-fluid life of the garment. During Huanca's durational performances the works interact with the vulnerability of live models, camouflaged and infused into the sculpture, giving life to otherwise static artworks.

“I really think that art is dead. I’m really bored just seeing something that’s the past. Very few things stay alive and in the end, it’s paintings that I find can still really move me”

American Artist born in Chicago who currently lives and works in Berlin, DE / New York, US.

“I want the experience of my work to create a surreal moment similar to a hallucination.”

Huang Rui

Would like to focus a little on this controversial Chinese artist known for his social and cultural criticism.

Huang Rui’s work is characterized by symmetry and simplicity of form, as well as by the use of primary colors. Though his work can stand alone as aesthetically pleasing; he is recognized as being a socially minded artist, and thus often a controversial artist in China. Throughout his career, he has continued to be vocal about his belief in the importance of free expression - and as a result, he has faced a large amount of censorship from the government.

‘When the government transformed the surrounding fields the bulldozers kept getting closer and closer and then just stopped when they reached my perimeter wall of my compound.

Perhaps they will eventually just knock the building down and plant more trees on top.’

Huang's works are the real object of beauty.

In the same time, his art got lots of political and historical references.

Wang Keping

Another great Chinese artist who was born in Beijing in 1949. He considers being as first Chinese Contemporary sculptors. He exploded into the Contemporary art world in 1970th and one of the founders of Beijing contemporary art group called The Stars (Xing Xing). The group has been promoting artistic freedom in China.

For many years Wang Keping has been clashing with the government of China. With "The Stars" he did lot's of "guerilla exhibitions" outside the walls of museums and held marches for freedom and constitutional rule.

"They have no new ideology, so they can only fall back on Mao Zedong's ideology."

For certain time Wang Keping provocative works been blacklisted in China, that's when he started gaining fame abroad and his sculpture "Silence" were pasted across the cover of the New York Times.

Meg Cranston

American artist who works in sculpture and paintings.

Her works became recognizable at the 1990th.

Her works are very diverse. Her abstract forms have attributes of historical events, fashion, modern designs, and much more.

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