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Art review: Negative Space

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

Brian Ziff | JM Art Management

Throughout the centuries, female beauty is the source of inspiration for many artists. Photographic fads and styles come and go, but the feminine body, as a form of artistic expression, always remains fresh.

The history of nude, provocative, and feminine photography began with the genre's invention.

The artists used the camera to capture their fantasies, desires, and projections apart from morality cannons.

The opening night of "Negative Space" took place on February 9th, 2019. A pop-up exhibition showcased 24 artworks by 3 photographers, including Ben Cope, Brian Ziff and Larsen Sotelo. The event was hosted by Studio 106, located in Down Town Los Angeles.


Ben Cope transforms portraiture into a series of distressed mixed media pieces just far enough removed from reality that the viewer can appreciate what is while still seeing what once was.

Ben is a Georgia native graduating from Columbus State University with a BFA in ceramic sculpture and photography. After receiving his degree he moved to the west coast to pursue a career in the photo industry. Currently Ben resides in Los Angeles focusing on editorial fashion and celebrity portraiture.


Brian Ziff presents selections from his High Risk* series. These works explore a seductive, chaotic dreamscape doused in “High Risk Red.” Brian Ziff also presents the culmination of 7 years with Ethan Chancer in their short film AMARA. This story follows the pilgrimage of doubt and fear of the unknown in a stark, yet mesmerizing universe.

Brian is a photographer, retoucher, digital artist, musician, video director and graphic designer working in Los Angeles, New York and London. He specializes in creative work within the fashion and music industries.


Larsen Sotelo shows a collection of provocative 35mm film and digital prints that challenge the viewer to both connect and compartmentalize their stories. Larsen Sotelo enlists the help of Franco Campanella aka “Lefty Out There” in a collaboration of installation art for one breathtaking piece.

Larsen Sotelo is a Filipino-American art and fashion photographer based in Los Angeles, California.

​Combing knowledge with a passion for art and fashion, his tastes and creative visions are powerfully expressed in the realm of photography.


Esteban Joseph | JM Art Management

Esteban Joseph brings his collection of unique and custom jewelry. His attention to detail and quality of work are unmistakable.


Event photography: Brandon Shindler (IG: @evol_si_dog )

Clients of Larsen Sotelo such as The Naked and Famous frontman Thom Powers together with his girlfriend Luna Shadows were present.

Also, South African-born New Zealand singer-songwriter and record producer Chelsea Jade. Kiwi goth-pop So Below dropped by to support her friend Larsen Sotelo.

DJ living legend, Lee Foss was also present with his girlfriend Chloe Holmes of Repopulate Mars.

These are all clients and friends of Larsen Sotelo.

UFC fighter Legend Josh Barnett made an appearance.

The photographs received friendly appreciation from the public and art critics during and after the exhibition.


To inquire about artwork:


Review by Julia Mozheyko

JM Art Management

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