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Contemporary masks

Costa Rican artist John Paul Fauves always believed that most of the time people pretend to be someone else, they hide their real face behind a mask....


"My own life, i once read that artist of the romanticism created that era because they were so romantic to there life

experiences that always lived in the extremes no middle lines.

I have being an open canvas and my life experiences are brush strokes to my soul."



“The masks take on an important role in the whole concept;

they are actually an extension of the paintings and make the paintings come alive.”



"As we grow we start to experience events that create our new self.

I try to reflect the Hedonism of our own ego, were we search our own satisfaction no matter the consequence.

I'm using masks during the show try to break this false ego creation we all have, once you have it on you stop judging the external world.

The idea is to start looking for happiness within you and not for this constant shallow endless need of self

of the external distractions of the world.

In my art i try to reflect that deteroation of that false illusion the egocentric world creates to us."



“I was in London last year and didn’t know anyone. I put a mask on and my personality started to change. I danced, I didn’t care.

My friend told me that when I put the mask on, I kind of converted and became something different than my usual self; that’s where I got this idea of the masks being used as a tool for people. When you put the mask on, you don’t judge because you don’t know who is who.”


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