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He known for semi-abstract faces and shapes.

Born in Switzerland He began his career as an artist in mature age as an apprentice sign maker. There he learned both his distinctive graphic style, full of bold eye-catching patterns and colors.In 1994 he decided to join Visual School of Art in Bern, Switzerland for 4 years. There he mastered processes that would become major parts of his creative practice: working with gold leaf and screenprinting.

For the artist, it has a spiritual power “linked to masculine energy and the power of the sun”, as well as being an “optimistic and positive” material to match the whimsical figures that often feature in his work.

“I’ve always worked on creative projects. I completed a four-year art program in Berne and worked as a sign maker, as I like the creativity and use of big color."

He choses his colors really carefully. After that, he chooses one of his uncountable skribbled figures from beloved leather book and moves on to the spontaneous part of work, the lifelines. When he start these lifelines (patterns inside) He is always listening to music or an audio book. Guess it gives him chance to dive totally into this work and forget everything around.

Sometimes you could see strange things in his paintings. It feels like he puts entire soul into every artwork.

“I work with a very strong color palette as the intensity puts me in a good mood,

one that I want to share with others”

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