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FACES at HOMME Gallery

Want to thank everyone who made it for the opening reception of "FACES" group exhibition at HOMME Gallery Los Angeles showcasing some of the most popular international artists: Justin Bower, John Paul Fauves, DAIN, Hossam Dirar, Popovy Sisters and Mike Dargas.

"What is the human experience? Throughout history, portraiture has allowed us to engage directly with this critical question. From prehistoric cave drawings in Eurasia to works found in modern galleries, artists have captured the many faces of human expression. Carefully curated, FACES is a thought-provoking engagement that challenges the concept of what it means to be human today."

Justin Bower

Justin Bower paints his subjects as de-stabilized, fractured post-humans in a nexus of interlocking spatial systems. His paintings problematize how we define ourselves in this digital and virtual age while suggesting the impossibility of grasping such a slippery notion. The ongoing decoding of the human body, a formula to each individual’s genome, confronts us with a radical question of “What are we? Am I a code that can be reduced and multiplied infinitely?” Bower’s paintings begin to open a dialogue to this destabilizing effect/trauma technology has on the individual that has infected the daily lives of contemporary man. He shows this destabilization through the doubling of features - multiple eyes, spliced noses, melting mouths - and the whiplash motion invoked in his Abstract Expressionist process.

John Paul Fauves

Costa Rican contemporary artist John Paul Fauves’ work is full of meaning and critique; covered in color and intensity. Both his alias and his style are influenced by Fauvism, but his game of faces, tones and brushstrokes add a vibrant touch of singularity. He has shown Internationally and has been featured in many publications including Forbes Magazine.

"I have painted since I can remember, it’s truly like therapy to me. It’s almost a necessity to bring a balance to my soul. I believe art is the way our soul communicates to the world."


DAIN is one of the most influential street/ contemporary artists to emerge from New York City in the last decade. DAIN’s distinctive work pays homepage to a romanticized past era when women’s fashion was modest and drew attention to their faces instead of their figures. The artworks combine elements of spray paint, silk screening, acrylic, and paper collage, topped off with DAIN’s signature, attention-grabbing “circle and drip” around the eye.

Each piece is playful yet sophisticated, elegantly blending stereotypically masculine elements of street art with stereotypically feminine depictions of Hollywood glamour. DAIN has been showcased in galleries worldwide including NYC, Rome, Paris, Australia, Berlin, Mexico City, London and Miami.

Mike Dargas

Dargas is a German contemporary artist. His subjects appear conflicted, lost in thought, or even sublimely calm. Dargas challenges both himself and the viewer to take a deeper look at the subject, in order to question human nature and emotional perception.

Mike Dargas works in the format of large-scale, photorealisting painting. Originally trained as a carpenter, Dargas started off creating sculptures in metal and wood while also teaching himself painting and drawing. Now a true master of tromple-l'oeil, Dargas is also an award-winning tattoist.

Popovy Sisters

Extravagant creations of award-winning art-doll designers, twin sisters Elena and Ekaterina Popovy, they portray emotions, feminine beauty, history and surreal reality.

Twin sisters, professional artists and fashion designers Ekaterina and Elena Popovy, from Russia, started making dolls in 2004.Their portrait dolls are inspired by personalities and every intricate, stunning, one of a kind Ball Joint Doll is handmade from start to finish. By combining their passion for fashion design and doll art, the Sisters create small conceptual collections of 10 to 15 dolls a month.

Hossam Dirar

Hossam Dirar is an Egyptian contemporary artist based in Cairo, he works with painting, video, sound, and installation art, to delve into questions of cultural identity, gender roles and to discuss socio-economic and political ideas.

Born in Cairo, Egypt 1978 where he currently lives and works. Obtained a BA in Fine Art Faculty of Applied Arts, Helwan University, Cairo (graduated with honors, best Graduation project amongst all entries). His later studies included Graphic Design, Painting, Printmaking, Mixed Media, Product Design, Photography, Multimedia and Pottery.


Special thanks to our great sponsors who helped making this night absolutely unforgettable!


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