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"Faces" of Tigran Tsitoghdzyan

Sometimes you look at artist work and your heart stops..... That's exactly how I felt after seeing stunning works of this absolutely amazing and talented artist for the first time.

Armenian- born and New York-based painter, Tigran Tsitoghdzyan’s passion for art started at the tender age of 4 when he would pass time drawing and painting with watercolors. After switching to oil paints a year later, Tigran’s life was forever changed when he was discovered by art critic, Henrik Iguitian and plummeted into the world of a child prodigy. By 10 years old he experienced his first exhibition which began in his hometown of Yerevan, Armenia and continued in countries such as Spain, Russia, Japan and the US.

Tigran, who was educated at both the Fine Art Academy of Yerevan as well as the ECAV in Switzerland, considers his iconic style to be a combination of a classic technique with a contemporary edge, that is often compared to hyperrealism. Tigran’s current works are centered on the idea that the world in which we live in is experiencing a “technological renaissance.” His interest lies in capturing the steady flow of information that we are bombarded with through the internet, T.V. and social media within a still moment through his paintings—a moment that forces the viewer to stop and experience the combination of old world techniques with new world ideas.

Described as “absolutely stunning” “haunting” and “incredibly realistic” by various critics and art publications, Tigran’s career is quickly developing into that of a modern art sensation.

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